Today's breastfeeding story comes from Amanda and baby Issac. Amanda is a fellow military spouse and very compassionate soul. We worked with her and her sweet family last year and we were moved by their love and patience during their many challenges. Amanda has graciou...

October 3, 2015



Nipple shields-the super thin silicone nipple worn over mom’s nipple during feedings at the breast; have you heard of them? Maybe a friend told you that she used a nipple shield for the first week when her baby nursed or maybe you think you have flat nipples, so you...

September 21, 2015



When you saw this title, you may have wondered, what is a blog post about chiropractic care doing on a lactation consultant’s website? To answer that, let's consider the chiropractic care definition, and how some breastfeeding difficulties may be connected to the def...

August 25, 2015


Ankyloglossia, a tethered lingual frenulum, a tongue-tie. No matter what you call it, know that it can cause some serious breastfeeding issues. A tongue-tie has been known to cause weight gain problems and gas in the infant, and nipple trauma and plugged ducts or...

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Breastfeeding and The Four Agreements

April 8, 2019

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