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Ankyloglossia, a tethered lingual frenulum, a tongue-tie. No matter what you call it, know that it can cause some serious breastfeeding issues. A tongue-tie has been known to cause weight gain problems and gas in the infant, and nipple trauma and plugged ducts or mastitis in the mother; and that's just to name a few issues. A baby who is tongue-tied is unable to properly move his tongue and therefore is unable to effectively remove adequate amounts of milk from the breast (and sometimes bottle) often leaving mom in considerable pain and an unstatisfied baby. For the mom and baby who wish to breastfeed, the tongue-tie must be properly diagnosed and revised and proper follow-up care must be given by an IBCLC, the doctor who performed the revision and the caregiver.

If you've arrived at my blog, then you are one of three people. Based on symptoms, you likely suspect your baby to have a tongue (and/or lip) tie, your baby has already been diagnosed with a tie or you are a lactation professional looking for more information on the subject. In any case, you have come to the right place. In the past two months I have seen nearly a dozen tongue-tied babies and half a dozen more post-revision at my support group. Luckily I have some excellent mentors and seasoned colleagues who have been by my side and tipped me off to some trusted and reliable resources for all things tongue-tie.

The point of today's blog then is to share the multitude of resources with you in one place so that whether you are a professional or a parent you can have all the information about tongue ties at your fingertips. So, please, read on and share. Let's not let another tongue (or lip) tie slip past; all babies deserve human milk. (Please contact me if you suspect a tie and need a consultation).

Resources on tongue and lip ties:

Dr. Ghaheri is an ENT surgeon located in Oregon. He has a passion for breastfeeding and his website shows it. I've added the link to his blog, but check his whole website for useful information and videos.

Dr. Kotlow is a Pediatric Dentist who has been in practice since 1974. His techniques are innovative and his knowledge on ties and breastfeeding is extensive

Kelly Bonyata, IBCLC is a local lactation professional with a host of excellent resources on ankyloglossia. I often refer my clients to her site for numerous topics as her information is well researched and always appropriately cited.

Melissa Cole, IBCLC is a lactation professional out of Oregon who has been practicing for more than 10 years. Her specialties include lip/tongue tie concerns as well as oral/motor dysfunction.

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