New Year, New Breastfeeding Resolutions

How was your 2015? Mine was pretty spectacular. Through its ups and downs, I’d say I’ve definitely come out on top. The year was truly a whirlwind, but isn't that always the case with kids?! I’ve met so many wonderful mothers and babies too this year. I’ve been part of some amazing breastfeeding experiences; I’m so grateful I was part of these motherhood journeys for the women in Tampa Bay.

You may or may not know that I too am a nursing mom. I’m nursing my 22 month old daughter. She is our second and last child so this experience has been extra special for both of us. There are so many twists and turns to nursing any child whether they are a brand new baby or a walking, talking toddler. Thus far I’ve learned that she is most definitely NOT ready to night wean (try as I might!) and she can be happy nursing 12 times a day or just 4 times depending on my work schedule. Also, cutting her two year molars make her a newborn nursling again. It’s an adventure to say the least!

As the New Year approaches I’ve been thinking about resolutions. Mine are mostly tied into finding a balance between spending more quality time with my family and dedicating my time to growing my business to promote, support and protect breastfeeding in the Tampa Bay area. I want to reach more families as I know the need for lactation consulting is great. I want more Pediatricians and OBs to know they can turn to Sweet Songs Breastfeeding for quality breastfeeding support services. Above all, I want to grow my knowledge base and expand my expertise so I can provide even better service in 2016. I plan to attend several professional conferences throughout the year and I hope to gain better perspective of some of the common issues that breastfeeding women face.

As I think about my business goals, I also think about my personal breastfeeding goals for the New Year. I would love to keep breastfeeding my daughter and make it another year. It is such a centering and calming time for both of us and I definitely treasure it. I know the natural weaning age is closer to 4 years old, so I want to provide her the opportunity to nurse as long as she needs it. I also want to be a prominent advocate for full-term nursing. I want others in our community to see me nursing my older child and come to see it as the norm rather than the exception.

What are your breastfeeding goals for 2016? Are you ready to try nursing in public? Are you hoping to nurse without a cover? Will you meet a personal goal in 2016; 6 months of breastfeeding or maybe a year? Will you be nursing a toddler in 2016?

2016 will undoubtedly bring new experiences and change and I for one am more than ready. Let’s keep breastfeeding and let’s keep promoting, protecting and supporting the optimal way to feed our babies! Here's to a happy and energized new year. Cheers!

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