Meet Katja Nuce, aspiring IBCLC

This year has been amazing. See our last post to hear all about it. During this year we have taken on two official interns who are completing their clinical hours through IBLCE Pathway 3. Today we'd like to introduce Katja Nuce. Her background in maternal child health is extensive and is only trumped by her passion for breastfeeding and supporting mothers. You may see her around the office or on a home visit. Please stay tuned for a welcome post for our other student, Aniek, here at Sweet Songs.

Katja Nuce was born and raised in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany graduating high school in 1999. She was accepted into the nursing program at the Krankenhaus Maria-Hilf in Bad Neuenahr. She graduated with a degree in nursing in the fall of 2002.

Katja loved working with mothers and newborns during her clinicals on the labor and delivery ward. She decided to spend two additional years in nursing school in order to obtain licensure as a pediatric nurse. She was accepted into the pediatric nursing program at the Stadtklinik in Baden-Baden, Germany graduating with a degree in pediatric nursing in the fall of 2004.

During Katja’s clinicals at the Stadtklinik, she was able to spend more time in the labor and delivery ward intensifying knowledge about birthing, breastfeeding, and caring for infants & their mothers during their postpartum period. Additionally, she received experience caring for children at the neonatal/intensive care unit, pediatric oncology ward, operating room and the epilepsy center.

Katja was a licensed healthcare provider at a private hospital in Baden-Baden, Germany after graduation until she married her husband in 2006.

Since, Katja has traveled the world with her husband, an Army officer. Her son, Aidan, was born in the spring of 2009 and she breastfed him for two and half years. She loved her breastfeeding experience so much she decided to work towards her goal of becoming an IBCLC and help other women accomplish their breastfeeding goals. Katja is enrolled in the Lactation Education Resources program to get her required Continuing education credits (CERPs) and Nursing Contact hours to sit for the IBCLE exam. We are very fortunate to have Katja as part of our team.

If you see her around, please say hi! Welcome aboard, Katja.

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