Baby Shower Gifts for the Breastfeeding Mom-to-be

Baby Showers are super fun. At least I think so! When you get that invitation, you first look at their baby registry for gift ideas, of course, but you might also think outside the box for a gift if you know your friend intends to breastfeed. With all the parenting gadgets and so-called “must haves”, we’ve taken the guess work out of finding the right gift. As IBCLCs we’ve seen what has worked and what hasn’t over the years. So we’ve gathered a few ideas for breastfeeding-friendly gifts for your mom-to-be. We think she’ll like them!

1. Comfy pajamas.

Now comfy pajamas might be appropriate for just about every mom on the planet, and especially those in the early postpartum when you still have that bump, but nursing-friendly jammies are so useful when you feel like you might never leave the couch or house again!

2. A water bottle and basket of snacks.

It’s likely that your friend already has a water bottle, but one that has a sweet and encouraging saying or one that holds a TON of water (she’ll be thirsty!) is especially thoughtful. In addition to fluids, a basket of favorite snacks will keep her well-fed while she tends to her little one would be much appreciated.

3. A couple favorite frozen meals pre-portioned.

A meal train, frozen meals or a meal service are all good ideas for gifts for parents-to-be. We like to take this one step further and get those meals pre-portioned. Simple, nutritious food is key to keeping energy up during all those feedings.

4. A prenatal breastfeeding class.

We are partial to our 100% online course, but you might look around for in-person versions too. If mom has some real concerns a 1-1 private course may be helpful, too. As a bonus this helps mom identify her breastfeeding resources before birth.

5. A gift card for a nursing bra.

There are so many nursing bras out there these days and we love that! However, finding the right fit is incredibly individual. Your body changes so much that first month or so as your milk supply stabilizes. Target and Motherhood Maternity are great options for a gift card to find the perfect fitting nursing bra.

6. A journal.

Hear us out on this one. Those early weeks in the postpartum can be a blur. Remembering the details of feedings or first smiles is hard! A sweet journal that mom can track diapers and feedings or even just a place to put her feelings is so thoughtful and useful!

7. Lastly, but certainly not least, a gift card for a consultation with an IBCLC.

This goes back to having those breastfeeding resources handy before baby is here. Finding a lactation specialist when your baby is crying or you are deep into worries about milk supply can be very stressful. Take the guesswork out of it and give a gift certificate! P.S. We offer that too!

Happy gift hunting and enjoy that baby shower!

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