How to Start a Business as a New Parent: 5 Tips for Juggling It All


If you have a great business idea and a passion for entrepreneurship, there’s no need to put your startup plans on hold until after you’ve welcomed your little one into the world and adjusted to life as a parent. It certainly won’t be easy, but it’s very possible to juggle parenthood with business ownership. And fortunately, plenty of strategies, tools, and resources are available to guide you along the way — starting with these five tips from the lactation consultants at Sweet Songs Breastfeeding.

1. Do as Much as Possible Before Baby Arrives

Whether your little one is due in six months or several weeks, it’s important to get as much work done as possible before your baby arrives. This means choosing a business idea, writing a business plan, and completing the formation process. Square's guide to starting a business will walk you through the entire process of launching your startup.

2. Design a Newborn-Friendly Home Office

Even if your little one has a nursery of her own, you’ll want to create a newborn-friendly home office space so you’re not running back and forth between rooms when your baby finally arrives. After all, you’ll be juggling parenthood with business ownership — and you’ll need an office that supports that.

Here are some tips for designing a newborn-friendly home office:

● Place a bassinet or small crib next to your workspace.

● Keep a baby wrap or sling nearby so you can wear your newborn as you work.

● Stick to a neutral color palette.

● Add a comfortable chair for breastfeeding.

If you’re setting up your first home office, you’ll also need to invest in the right office chair, desk, and lighting. You could also incorporate a few baby-friendly plants such as the bird’s nest fern, bird of paradise, and neanthebella palm.

3. Find Reliable Sitters in Advance

When you’re busy juggling entrepreneurship with parenthood, there will likely come a time or two when you’ll need a trusted babysitter to look after your little one at a moment’s notice. While finding a reliable sitter takes time and patience, it’s a process you can begin early on thanks to apps and websites like UrbanSitter, Sittercity, and Helpr. Also check out Kinacle's comprehensive guide. Just remember to give yourself plenty of time to find a sitter so you’re not scrambling to find help when you really need it.

4. Establish a Routine

Once your baby arrives and you’re officially juggling parenthood with business ownership, it’s important to establish a routine for your newborn and stick to it as best as possible. It’ll take a few months to establish a routine, but eventually, you’ll know when your baby needs to eat and sleep — and you’ll be able to work around her naps and feedings. In the meantime, aim to work whenever your baby naps during the day, when she’s most tired (like after her feedings), and don’t rule out working at night or over the weekend.

5. Build Your Team

As you get your new business up and running, several freelance professionals can help to take some of the weight off your shoulders — especially when it comes to building an online presence. From finding a web design specialist and developer to a marketer and content writer, these freelance professionals will possess the skills needed to build and design your website, create blog and website content, and find and engage with your target audience.

When starting a business, other helpful freelancers include virtual assistants, bookkeepers, and social media managers. Plus, you can use online job platforms to search for available candidates and compare freelancer rates, reviews, and qualifications.

You Can Have a New Baby and a Business, Too

Juggling parenthood with business ownership won’t be an easy task, but sticking to a routine, knowing when and how to delegate work, and having a reliable babysitter on speed dial will help to create some balance in your busy life. Some days will be harder than others, but it’ll all be worth it once your baby and business both start to grow.

Are you looking for compassionate breastfeeding support? Visit the Sweet Songs Breastfeeding blog for more tips and advice for mothers and mothers-to-be.

Written by Jenna Sherman

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