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"Day six into nursing and my breasts were engorged, my back was sore and my nipples were cracked, sore and bleeding. The pain was unbearable and every latch made me cry. Despite reading every breastfeeding book in the library, I had no idea what I was doing. I knew I needed professional guidance. Fortunately, I found Mary. From the very start, she was kind, caring and compassionate. She came to my home and spent two hours teaching me how to position the baby, how to help him properly latch and how to reduce the pain. Because of her, I became confident breastfeeding my baby. Weeks later, I developed a milk blister, then mastitis. Mary spent hours texting back and forth with me, giving me advice on how to remedy my illness. Since then, she's continued to follow up with me and monitor my progress. She is someone who truly cares for her clients. She is a true professional!"



"As a second time mom/breast-feeder I didn't think I would have any trouble feeding my son when he arrived in late July. Well, God has a funny way of proving us wrong doesn't He? My milk hadn't come in at almost 5 days postpartum and my newborn was frustrated and stopped nursing. He lost over a pound of his birth weight so I had to start pumping and supplementing with formula. I knew I needed help, and fast.

   Mary was highly recommended to me thorough a family friend, who is also a lactation consultant, so I reached out right away. Mary responded almost immediately and we set up an in-home appointment for that same week. In her 2 hour visit we got baby back to the breast (without crying) and she gave me the assurance that I was doing everything that I could for my baby-- sometimes you just need to hear it from a professional. 

   Mary also inspected the milk that I was pumping and advised that it was transitional milk and that she had no doubt that my milk would come in soon. I had previously been told by an OB/GYN at my 1 week PP visit that my milk probably would not come in, so it was nice to hear someone with a different view. Sure enough, on day 10, my milk came in and I have been exclusively breastfeeding for the past 10 weeks. Even after Mary's visit she kept in touch with me via text to make sure things were going well, which was really something I had never experienced before.

   If you are looking for a knowledgeable, understanding and encouraging LC, look no further. THANK YOU, Mary."~Allison 



"Trish has been amazing to work with throughout my breastfeeding journey. I can say I do not know if I would be breastfeeding if it was not for Trish. With my first child I had significant pain with breastfeeding and knew something was not right. At 3 weeks desperate for help, I found Trish. She immediately recognized my son had a lip and tongue tie. She put me in contact with Dr. Sierra and the repair was made the next day. She continued to work with me and my son so he could learn how to latch correctly. At 6 weeks he was diagnosed with a milk soy protein intolerance. Trish helped guide me as I cut out foods most commonly associated with allergies to help with his intolerance. Unfortunately he struggled to gain weight even after cutting out dairy, soy, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, beef, egg. At 4 months we had to change him to a hypoallergenic formula. Despite the long hard road with my son, I was determined to try to breastfeed again with my daughter. I knew what to look for this time and immediately noticed she had a lip tie. At 3 days I had my daughter's lip tie repaired and began working with Trish. She gave me the confidence to keep breastfeeding. I can happily say at 5 months my daughter is thriving and an excellent breastfeeder. I am so thankful to Trish for her guidance and support. Trish is an expert on breastfeeding and a joy to work with. Her compassion, kindness, and patience for breastfeeding mothers goes above and beyond. I highly recommend Trish to all moms who are struggling with breastfeeding. She truly is outstanding and a breastfeeding lifesaver!" ~Eilene



"I've recently had my second daughter and have had some complications here and there. My first daughter was a breeze, so when something came up, I needed someone to help give me advice. I contacted Mary and she has helped me immensely. Her advice has helped me through and kept me on course!"~Kim




"I wanted to thank you Trish for everything you did for me and my daughter Bailey. It's been 22 months and she is still nursing. You helped us find a lip and tongue tie and with your help we made it"~Anonymous




"Mary leads the Milk Momma support group I've been going to at Birthmarks. From the very first moment I met Mary I could tell she not only cares about what she does, but she also cared about me & my baby. As a new mommy with early breastfeeding struggles this was so helpful for my breastfeeding success. I would highly recommend Mary to any Milk Mama! She is extremely knowledgeable, well read on her area of focus, kind, helpful, & just a joy to be around!! Thank you, Mary! You're very special to me & Wyatt!"~J.L.




"I expected breastfeeding to be so natural, but I soon found out it would be quite a struggle for me. My little one wasn’t gaining weight as expected. I was told I may have to start him on formula. As much as I didn’t realize how much effort breastfeeding could take, I also didn’t realize how strongly I wanted to feed my son only breastmilk. I remembered my girlfriend mentioning she worked with an amazing lactation consultant, so I quickly got in contact with Trish Hanning.

   With great patience and kindness, Trish started me on the road to success. I couldn’t believe how all of her suggestions were making such a huge difference. My feelings quickly turned from frustration and disappointment to relief and hope. She really took the time to teach me all of my options and also took the time to teach my husband how to help. Soon Trish diagnosed my son with a tongue tie which was released when he was 3 weeks old. However, everything was slow to improve. Over the next several weeks I worked closely with Trish as I pumped, supplemented and continued to strengthen his latch. She kept my expense to a minimum as she went over and above to provide me ongoing phone support. I was able to check in regularly for problem solving and sometimes just words of encouragement. I believe this really made all the difference as my journey was an emotional and challenging one.

   Trish is truly an expert in her field and provided the best education in the most nurturing way. She is clearly dedicated to her work, but she also let me know that no matter what happened, I would not be a failure. My little one is 5 months old now and formula free. At first I didn’t believe I could make it to my goal of three months and now I have no doubt I will make it the year! What was once a daunting task is now an enjoyable part of my day to day schedule. My son has never had colic, stomach upset, diarrhea or excess gas. He is a happy little guy and I know I am giving him the best nourishment I can provide. It was so worth all the initial hard work and there is absolutely no way I could have done it without Trish. She has my never ending gratitude."~Raina, B.




"Mary was a great listener to my complex array of breastfeeding issues. She isn't super pushy about 'only breastfeeding' like I've heard from other new moms about IBCLCs. She actually asked me if I was comfortable supplementing with formula and when I said yes, came up with a straightforward plan that was flexible enough to manage my pain and allow me to keep up my limited supply. She also was very prompt responding to texts when I had questions and gave me a recipe for a DIY nipple cream that made a big difference." ~Emily H.




"I was lucky to have found Mary. I had breastfed my 1st baby for 1 year and assumed that with my 2nd boy I would be a pro. I was wrong! My issue was with breast engorgement. Very painful and important. Mary solved my problem and provided me with lots of helpful information about breastfeeding. She is very sweet but also very knowledgeable. She always responds to any other questions that I may have. 
Thank you Mary for bringing peace and love to our growing family." ~Madlena Pape 



"I will never forget Mary! I was at my wits end with breastfeeding and couldn't get my baby boy to stay latched. Breastfeeding felt unnatural to me at that moment and Mary changed that for me. She took the time to show me different positions to feed in, and also taught me how to feel comfortable doing it. She saved my breast feeding relationship with my son and I am forever thankful. You can't go wrong with her help." ~Loretta"




"Thank you for all you have done to help me with breastfeeding, Trish. You truly have a gift that I, for one, am so thankful for. You make me feel more confident by the way that you explain things, follow up, and just continue to support me. I am so grateful for your help and friendship. With love, Rachel." 




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